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Exa Algia is a web development firm with locations in the United States and India. Specializing in web development services for small business, Exa Algia provides a plethora of web solutions to businesses in a growing online market. In addition to website development, the company also provides top of the line SEO services using some of the latest tools and strategies available. Exa Algia aims to grow a base of clients globally with its core dedication to innovation, speed, and quality. To date, the company has provided services to over 200 customers, completing 793 SEO projects and 182 websites. 80% of clients that choose to use Exa Algia’s services continue to book services from the company for future projects. Clients of Exa Algia see results from using this company’s services fairly quickly, as evidenced by increased leads, responsive web design, more efficient WordPress theme designs, and improved user experiences. Exa Algia endeavors to provide these results and its extensive services at a cost efficient price, making it an ideal option for owners of small and large businesses alike.
Key Clients
Exa Algia has worked for a variety of clients including Ima Sak, Vidita Singh, Union Business Funding, NZ Migration, Di Lanattas, Max Lapel Pins, The High Achievers Academy, Lev Enterprise, and countless others. For each of these clients, Exa Algia was responsible for handling website design as well as applying effective SEO practices on those sites. Exa Algia is an Official Bronze Partner of Plumrocket and has also won numerous awards including Best in PCC for March 2015 and  Best in Search for March 2015.