Dom and Tom

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Dom and Tom are an experienced mobile app development company for iOS, Android and Web, with bases in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. As a full service digital agency, the company offer a range of experiences, these include strategy, user experience, visual design, iOS, Android and web development, quality assurance, all the way through the launch of the product. The team is well versed in Waterfall and Scrum methodologies which help the team to build products which have predefined feature sets. They us an agile framework based on user and market testing, this method helps to define the core functionality necessary to reach the required goal set out by the client. Since their founding, the company have had a vast selection of clients, creating innovative and user engaging applications every time, making them one of the best app development companies.


01. Research and Discovery 
02. UX Strategy and Design 
03. Engineering 
04. QA Deployment