Devbridge Group

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Devebridge Group is a technology consultancy and mobile app development company that is based in Chicago, founded in 2008, it has years of experience behind it. It is a strategic partner to some of the worlds industry leaders in financial services, manufacturing and technology, and almost doubles in revenue every single year. The company stands on six core values, these include making great products, delivering results, embracing transparency, taking ownership, seeking mastery and overall having fun in the process. Working in cross functional teams in an agile environment guarantees for a reduced cost and higher success rate with an accelerated product to market. Customer centric methodologies capture lean requirements and build rapid prototypes, measuring every aspect of the work to make sure products are launched on time. Every client is equipped with ‘Power Up’ the company’s custom product management tool, to help track progress and budget. Devebridge Group core competencies are design and software engineering and project management, with a strong team of mobile app developers. The provide transformation coaching to initiate process change within the enterprise. By combining cross functional teams, duel-track scrum and lean requirements, clients get fantastic results time after time.
Key Clients
The Art Institute of Chicago required Devebridge Group to create a flawless app to streamline complex processes for members, and limit the overhead for administrators. The proven success of this application shows that that the businesses goals were met.