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Cool Blue Web is a full service web page development company with specialises in Magento, WordPress and Custom Web Development, based in Seattle. They have extensive experience partnering with creative agencies, from developing current sites or managing a project from start to finish. Their aim is to create beautiful, easy to maintain sites and applications that not only look good, but also rank well in search results. The company take the time to understand their clients businesses, creating a plan that is centred around their goals and ambitions, conducting extensive research and analysis before any project takes place. The certified web developer keeps up with the latest technologies, pioneering new approaches and are passionate about supplying the highest quality development work available. The team also have an extensive array of effective methods aimed at improving a sites performance, alleviating long load time and improving reliability. The companies Monthly Maintenance Program allows changes to be made when and where they are needed in a website, even after launch. This could include installing an extension, troubleshooting an error or analysing the sites performance.
Key Clients
Cool Blue Web has a large and diverse portfolio of clients. One client being Antica Farmacista, a luxury fragrance company. They came to Cool Blue Web with the request of performing complex customisations within the Magneto Platform, and also help with directing more potential customers towards their website. Various new features were applied, such as an auto-replenish system and sample request module. They also performed a full SEO audit which has led to an increase in both organic and paid traffic to their online store.


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