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Code Brew Labs brings together innovative coding with stunning visual designs to create top quality apps to help businesses grow. The mobile app developers are based in Chandigarh, India, New York and San Francisco. The company currently work with over 70 clients globally and have created over 150 apps, turning ideas into beautiful, fully functioning product for both iOS and Android platforms. The team is often described as one of the top companies for app development. For the first step of the development process, Code Brew Labs team come together with the client to map out ideas and discuss the basic idea. Preparing the design is the next stage of the process followed by the development of the application body. The company can help clients tap into potential user base and provide mobile app analytics through the whole process. The company develops a powerful, agile development framework suited for start-ups and fast growth companies, which is flexible enough to provide mid-project changes and a quick turnaround. The results seen time and time again from the company are unparalleled customer support throughout the process of creating an app that gives your company new leads, increased usability and fresh branding.
Key Clients
Although fundamentally mobile app developers, Code Lab Brews stands out from the crowd as one of the top companies for app development by acting as a co-founder, helping clients learn how to build an app, but also acts as a support system throughout its lifetime. The company never stop reinventing and revolutionising its designs, creating new stunning visuals with every app created. The service is tailored to client’s needs, from the function of the app to the client’s budget and time, coming up with low cost solutions time and time again. Working for flat, agreed fees, the client is able to make as many changes as needed throughout the process. Plus, for no extra cost, Code Brew Labs will be there 24/7 for customer support for an entire year. Other services include:
  • Mobility
  • Bi and Data
  • Smart Networks
  • ERP Solutions
  • CRM Solutions
  • SCM Solutions
Code Brew Labs has worked with a range of companies. Such companies include Zogu, a app that connects users to drivers allowing them to get from A to B easily, allowing for fluid transitions between pages, simple functionality and striking design.