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Located in Houston, Bonafide is an SEO company that have defied the general SEO tools and pioneered a new path for themselves. They have been in the market for a long time and discovered that online marketing is driven towards the end customers. However, most organizations were doing business the old way in incorporating online media in a hope to generate more sales. They however did not realize that online marketing was more or less like spreading a message through word of mouth. If potential clients visited a website and immediately liked the products there, they ultimately become unpaid sales representatives. With that information, the company was driven to ensure that their clients provided the end consumers with only the best.   The company has invested greatly in their employees to ensure that they are fully aware of the consumers needs in every aspect of business.  They ensure that their content developers have the ability to relate one on one with the end user through their designs and writing. Their strategy is broken down into three bases, research, build and earn. The simplicity of the statements draws clients to work with them. Services As an SEO company, here are some of the services and SEO tools they offer to ensure that they harness the power in customer loyalty; Content marketing- being their core business, they ensure that their results spur action, attract prospects and ultimately acquire customers. SEO- they use targeted market strategies to ensure that their clients get the right markets Social media and Online PR- constant communication with the buyers is encouraged in order to humanize the clients’ brands; they also publish articles to ensure that their clients websites are a hub for information in their particular industries.
Key Clients
Bonafide has had the pleasure of working with incredible companies. Some of them include; Migraine Relief Center, Whirlwind Steel, Court House Direct and many more.   When Top Tax Defenders approached Bonafide, they had no previous experience with online marketing and SEO. Being a consumer based product, Bonafide had their work cut out for them. First they re-did the content available on their social media platforms and marketed it. The marketing gave the company an opportunity to monitor the growth they had. Finally they continually worked to ensure that their SEO was highly ranked. After a few months, the company had a 2105% increase in their online platforms.