Blue Whale Apps

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Blue Whale Apps is an app development agency, with years of experience behind it, it specialises in iPad and Android app development. The company is based in Washington, Florida and New York, although serves a clientele in a much larger range. The team at the company are highly experienced in their field, and work together to bring the world leading technology and app development software. Blue Whale collaborates with their clients at every stage of the process, making changes when necessary to create the perfect application for your company. Using Blue Whale Apps will allow your ideas to become reality, whether it is for a practical purpose or just to entertain, all of which are visually appealing and execute flawlessly. Having been founded in 2006, the company have been around for a while and are strongly established in the app development world, having been making apps since the launch of the app store. The company offers free online consultations, so you can get an idea of what the process is going to be and what the right application will be for you. Clients regularly see outstanding results, with an improved business model, stunning design and excellent usability.   Service The main service of Blue Whale is app development software, and this is conducted in simple stages, so you will always know where you are in the stage of the process.
  • Initiation- In this stage the app development agency are on board to document your business case, discover more about the company and understand the companies needs and visions.
  • Planning- Blue Whale will then create a software design spec for your company to confirm exactly what is required, such as what the app will be used for and what is expected of it.
  • Management- The project plan is updated weekly, so you will always know exactly where you are in the application development process. This includes risk and cost management.
  • Completion- Once the app is complete and you are completely happy with the results, the app will be submitted into the app store and includes up to 30 days of support.
The company have a large portfolio of clients, such as Black Planet, a niche social networking site that allows users to create and manage profiles in a user friendly application.