Blue Label Labs

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Blue Label Labs is a tablet, TV, Watch and AR/VR and mobile app development company, and is based in New York City. The company takes it clients though the whole process of app development, from the design and development, to the marketing, PR and post launch support, making it one of the best app development companies.     The company have a detailed process that makes their apps stand out from the rest. Firstly, the team listen and interpret the client’s ideas and needs, coming up with a new, unique proposition to make them stand out from the crowd. Clients then work closely with the design team to create elegant designs that incorporates the latest UI and UX trends. Together the team and the client sets clear milestones to make sure the development is completed on time. Following this PR and engagement tools are used to help the app get discovered and then retail current users. After the app is launched on the app store, the team will perform regular updates to make sure that it always performs at its best.   Potential clients are able to get a free quote from the company by filling out the short form online and giving the necessary details, so you know what you are spending on you web or mobile app creation before you begin the process.   Consistently clients are receiving stunning and functional apps, all of which have continued support even after the launch.   Services   The team specialises in being a mobile app development company, and this is its key service. However Blue Label Labs also offer a range of other services such as:
  • iOS, Android and Windows expertise
  • App design
They also work for a large range of businesses, including agencies, enterprises and start-ups, making it one of the best app development companies currently in the market.
Key Clients
Since its foundations, the company have developed a large portfolio of influential clients, bringing something unique to each one. Such companies include El Dorado, an airport in Colombia, in which an eye catching and creative app was built that made it easy for visitors to travel, but also showcased the large range of providers available in the airport.