Big Nerd Ranch

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Big Nerd Ranch is an innovative app creation company that is based in Atlanta. Its origins trace all the way back to 1979 when computer programming was almost unheard of. The company’s origins were as teachers for programming language, but soon the teachers became consultants and the Big Nerd Ranch that is around today was founded. Over the years, the company has aided some major global companies such as Facebook, NASA, Air BnB, Whirlpool and many more, plus every year the team publish books in ‘The Big Nerd Ranch Guide series. The team are experienced in iOS, Android, HTML5 and desktops apps, ideal for problem solving, growing a company, or engaging employees. Big Nerd Ranch provides end to end mobile solutions for a huge range of mobile development projects at one of the best app development costs. From the offset, the company get to know the client’s business before starting to craft the optimal user experience. The design team works side by side with the developers following an agile development process that will clients stay connected with their developing application. Potential clients can get a free assessment when looking to use the company in the future.