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Appetizer Mobile is considered one of the best companies in New York for App Development, with the additional services of consulting and marketing. The company provides a wide range of services for their clients to generate new revenue channels while also maximizing their ROI. The company utilizes both Agile and Scrum development processes to get the best results every time. The whole business experience is comprehensive and complete, with the experienced team always behind the scenes to offer support. It is while delivering these services that the web app development company create unique brand identities in the fast-growing mobile space. The large and diverse portfolio of Appetizer Mobile has ensured that they are experienced in a wide range of platforms and companies, and ready for any new challenge that is thrown at them. The full-time dedicated staff are committed to making a business’s product a success, with an overlap of technical, creative and business teams. The companies work is a clear demonstration of the convergence of creativity and innovation on many platforms. Some of these include education, social networking, B2B, games and more.
Key Clients
Dim is an in-house game developed by Appitizer Mobile, with interactive gameplay throughout. Users face increasingly complex challenges, with carefully design minimalistic graphics and intuitive controls. With various modes and the ability to compete online, Dim has proven to be a very successful application available both in the App store and Google play.


01. The web app development company offers more than just app creation services to its clients, but also a large range of other services which sets it apart from other companies for app development.