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Just as the name suggests, Act Bold Media specializes in business opportunities with bold returns on investment. They believe that for any business to succeed it must be accessible online, have quality work and be consistent with the products or services they are offering. The one thing that sets them apart from other SEO companies is the facts that they are able to custom make all their clients media campaigns. Since customer satisfaction is one of their main services, they offer a free trial period to any business willing to use their services. During this period, they are able to identify the company’s core values and structure plans to enable them to grow their SEO. The company’s ability to offer some of their SEO services for free ensures that they have ultimate customer loyalty. They have also ensured that their team is full of bold people who are willing to take risks for their organization and for their clients as well. Services Act Bold Media has defined its SEO services as offering bold digital solutions for all web and digital media. Some of their services are;
  • Web and content development- which is driven towards satisfying their clients and growing their online ranking, it also increases their traffic.
  • Customizing real and extraordinary SEO campaigns and final strategies- the tailor cut experience goes to show the value in which they place their clients.
  • Crafting ecommerce cocktails for their clients- eventually, every client wants to see a return on investment. With Act Bold Media, they ensure that their clients receive the best SEO services.
The boldness in their way of handling their business has set them apart from other SEO companies in California.  
Key Clients
Act Bold Media has invigorated the boldness in many companies in their business district. Some of their clients include; Game Optic, Urban Villages, Film Shire and many more. The Pearl Source is an online store that sells jewelry. When they contracted Act Bold Media to head their campaigns, the company was able to increase their value by 15% within the first months of transaction. With this company, Act Bold Media was determined to reduce its CPA and increase its value. They ensured that the store was recognized as a brand in the jewelry department in the country. After a few months, the store was one of the leading jewelry stores in the United States.