Best Spam Filtering Companies in 2019

Spam Filtering

What Is Spam Filtering and Why Does Your Company Need It?

Similar to a personal email address, a business email will also receive numerous messages sent to your account by various companies. These companies are often pushing products and services in the hope that you will buy them, even if you do not need or want them. These types of emails are known as Spam.

Eliminating spam from your business email is essential as these messages can take up Inbox space causing important emails to become lost in the mass of unwanted messages.

How Can Spam Filtering Help?

Spam filtering is the best tool available for those who want to keep all those unwanted messages away from their Inbox. By using a spam filtering tool for your business email addresses, you can increase your company’s security, because many of these messages may pose security threats if employees click on links inside them. You will increase productivity as your employees will not be spending precious time deleting the spam from their Inbox.

What Are Different Types of Spam Filtering Tools?

There are multiple types of spam filtering tools available for those who want to get rid of spam and eliminate security threats. You can use a spam filtering tool that targets email content to determine whether it is relevant for your business or not. You can also look for a spam filtering tool that can filter the incoming emails by the header of the message.

There are other spam filtering tools which allow you to restrict acceptance of emails from specific addresses whereas others permit you to set parameters for the emails you want to receive. Alternatively, you could use a spam filtering solution that uses a list of blacklisted spammers to protect your Inbox.

Some spam filtering solutions come with antivirus protection, so you get an extra layer of security for your business computers. Others can filter out malware, phishing attacks, and Trojans, so you can be sure that every email you or one of your employees open is virus-free.

What to Look for When Choosing a Spam Filtering Tool?

It is important to look for a spam filtering tool that comes with both black and white lists to be sure you do not miss out on emails that not junk. A tool that is too sensitive may mark important messages as spam, and this may damage your business. Other things to look for include community-based filtering for extra protection, quarantine settings, and challenge and response techniques.

You also need a filtering tool that allows you to edit pre-defined rule settings and create new rules to suit the parameters of your business. When choosing a spam filtering tool is key to choose one that is compatible with the email server which your business uses. Some of the most typical email clients supported by spam filters include Outlook, Outlook Express, and Thunderbird. If you use webmail services such as Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail, make sure the spam filtering covers them.

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